Tom Brown Food: How to Prepare from Scratch

Tom Brown Food is a local cereal in Africa that is fast becoming a staple food that will phase out popular cereals like kellogs and nasco cornflakes in Nigeria, Ghana and other West African Countries. Fortunately, it is healthy and without any additives or unhealthy ingredients

Adults who always have busy schedules and may need to depart extremely early in the morning for their place of employment may also benefit from eating this cereal. Only a 5-minute meal is required. You’ll save time by doing this, especially if you’re on the go.

Additionally, due to its abundant content, this fiber gives you a prolonged feeling of fullness, which helps you concentrate on your most crucial daily duties.

Similar to Kunun Tsamiya, it has tremendous nutritional value. In addition to many other nutrients, it contains protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

tom brown food

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What is Tom Brown Food?

In Nigeria, babies are typically weaned with a locally produced meal called tom brown. It is a thick powder made from a mixture of soybeans, groundnuts, millet, guinea corn, and yellow corn (cereals) (legumes)

Even after you stop breastfeeding, your baby’s health will be maintained by this nutritious powder because it is full and abundant in nutrients. It’s one of the widely consumed Nigerian meals for weaning infants.

Tom Brown is mostly made for and eaten by infants, but it can also be eaten by adults. This is due to how simple it is to prepare (basically under 5 minutes). Adults can now manage their busy schedules and early morning meals thanks to this.

Health Benefits of Tom Brown

Here are some amazing health benefits of Tom Brown Food for both Babies and Adults

  1. It can help reduce inflammation(pain) in the body
  2. It is good for heart health because it can help in the healing of coronary heart diseases
  3. It is good for diabetics who have a weak pancreas as it can help rebuild it
  4. It is useful for helping restore vision for those with weak eyesight
  5. If you have high blood pressure then eat Tom Brown Food daily can help reduce it
  6. Cholesterol levels can be reduced by eating Tom Brown Food everyday as well

How to Make Tom Brown For Weight Gain


How to Prepare Tom Brown Food From Scratch

In addition to being high in fiber, Tom Brown also has a lot of other nutrients like protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, carbohydrate, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

You may use Guinea corn, millet, and yellow corn. Groundnuts and other nuts are acceptable, however it may not be for you because of an allergy.

Used Ingredient Quantity

  • 1kg of yellow corn
  • 500g of guinea corn
  • 500g of millet


Step 1: Remove any dirt, rocks, or other foreign materials from the grains.

Step 2: Separately roast each grain in the oven; avoid letting them pop like popcorn.

Step 3: Once the grains are all cool, mix them and crush them into a fine, smooth powder.

Step 4: Prepare by combining your chosen quantity with a small amount of water; take care not to add too much water. When it begins to thicken, add hot water. To finish cooking, transfer to the stove for at least 30 seconds.

To be consumed with milk or formula

Is Tom Brown Porridge Health?

Is Tom Brown oats nutritious? The Ghanaian Tom Brown porridge has been proven to be healthful and is suggested for everyone, young and old. If at all feasible, try to have some oatmeal a few times per week.

What is Tom Brown Made of?

Tom Brown is a cereal that is typically made for and eaten by infants, though adults can also eat it. It mostly serves to wean infants. Guinea maize, groundnut (peanut), soy beans, crayfish, ginger, and cloves are the main ingredients in Tom Brown (Kayan kanshi). Some folks frequently include maize in it.

What is Weanimix?

In Ghana, weanimix is a crucial component of kids’ diets. The preparation of homemade weanimix for newborns using beans, groundnuts, and maize is taught to mothers. Aflatoxin can infect groundnuts and maize, while fumonisin can contaminate corn.

Is Tom Brown Good for Adults?

Tom brown is appropriate for weaning infants, growing kids, adults, and the elderly who deserve to enjoy a nutritious and delectable diet.

What Month Can You Start Giving Your Baby Tom Brown?

Tom Brown Food can be given to 6 months old babies and above

How to Prepare Tom Brown Before Serving it

  1. Put a certain amount of tom brown powder in a basin. Water should be progressively added until the mixture becomes pasty.
  2. Place some water on the heat, and let it come to a boil.
  3. Until your tom brown takes on a custard-like texture, stir constantly.
  4. You have it now!

Is Tom Brown Food Good for Diabetics?

Regular use of Selasie weani mix (tom brown) helps the body’s blood sugar levels stay stable. It lowers the chance of getting Type 2 diabetes. The porridge’s high fiber content aids in the sluggish absorption of sugar.

In Conclusion

Tom Brown Food is a good substitute for baby food and an additional support to breast milk feeding for weaning babies, it is 100% safe and healthy because is made using locally grown foods and not chemically processed foods.

For adults and young kids likewise, it is a great alternative to the conventional and popular cornflakes, goldenmorn and other types of cereals usually eaten at breakfast

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