Top Natural Remedies to Get Pregnant Fast

preparing your body for pregnancy naturally

We are going to look at a formula for women who have Menorrhagia (bleeding), Dysmenorria (period pain) and Amenorrhia (lack of period), a lot of women have imbalanced hormones and cannot get pregnant, they haven’t had their period in 6 months or 2 years etc.

So this article will teach you women how to become fertile and how to keep the uterus clean from all these problems

We will make a woman’s formula which will affect the womb in a positive way, it will clean up the womb and get rid of growths like fibroid and ovarian cysts and will get you pregnant by making you fertile, it will also help bring your period back if it has stopped

Preparing a Woman’s Womb for Pregnancy

To create this formula we will be using some herbs which are as follows

Chatse Tree (Vitex)
It will work on the pituitary gland of the brain and it will help the gland normalize both LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (folicle stimulating hormone) which helps balance the woman’s progesterone and estrogen levels and once these two hormones are balanced a woman don’t get PCOS.

If the pituary gland does not balance both LH and FSH a woman’s ovaries start to produce androgens which make her have lots of folicles in her ovaries, so we use this herb to stop that. Also if a woman has PCOS it becomes very difficult for her to become pregnant

It helps deal wih nervousness and anxiety but it also acts as an amenogogue it helps with flow, old Indian women used this herb as a amenogogue to help them have their period, also used for women in menopause

Don Qui
Like ginger, don qui helps to move the blood and when it moves the blood it helps to treat your liver to help balance back hormones and help get rid of the excessive amount of estrogen and also if there is growth in the uterus or in the ovaries, then this herb moves them or shrinks them

Red Raspberry Leaf
This herbs helps to strengthen the uterus and tonifies to prevent miscarriages, so all women who become pregnant should use this herb regularly from the time that you find out that you are pregnant because it also helps you have fast delivery

It helps with circulation like don qui, but it helps to move lots of things, but it also helps women prevent gases and aid conception

Shepherd’s Purse
If a woman has menorrhagia we may use another herb called in the mixture to help the woman stop passive bleeding and we can use some cinnamon bark also with it

Red Clover
It has lots of isoflavones in-case the woman has troubles in her hormones, if there is growth, because red clover acts as an anti tumor herb, it shrinks tumors

If the woman has low blood, we will add some of this herb, it is a blood builder and fertility booster

When a woman wants to get pregnant and we start cleaning up the uterus and preparing for pregnancy because now we are going to unblock the tubes in the blood, because all these herbs here, some of them have lots of anti tumor activities, so any type of blockage in the tubes it unblocks it to prepare the uterus for pregnancy

If you are trying to get pregnant you must get

  • Calcium and
  • Magnesium

When you take this formula, you will see a discharge in your vagina, this means your uterus is being cleaned up and is preparing the womb for pregnancy

You should also use

  • Flaxseed oil or evening primose oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B complex

Using all these vitamins and minerals with the herbal formula will ensure that in 3 menstrual cycles you will become pregnant.

Caution: Stay away from greasy foods and starches, pork, and work on building back your reproductive system, all of a sudden you will see that you won’t experience irregular period, pain and bleeding again. Your period will come back

You should have a practitioner help you with this herbal formula, you can’t just buy all the herbs and use them together, it requires deep knowledge and experience

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