Treat or Get Rid of Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery Now!!!

Treat or Get Rid of Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery Now!!! 1

Yes, you can shrink your fibroid naturally without surgery using herbs. In fact, that’s the only solution, surgery is not the solution because fibroid grows along the walls of the uterus, doctors can try to cut it out but no knife can separate the uterine fibroid from the wall of your womb.

For the leiomyomata to be completely removed, the doc will have to cut into your womb, so if he can’t cut into you because of complications of cutting your uterus, he will have to leave some myomas in there

Uterine polyps which grows on the outside of the uterus by hanging on the uterine cavity may be removed with surgery with less complications than the other types that grow inside the womb

Which of These Types of Uterine Fibroids do you Have?

types of fibroid tumorsHere we see the different types of Leiomyomata

  • Cervical: The one that grows in the cervical tissue
  • Pedunculated: Tumors attached to a stalk within the uterine cavity or outside the womb
  • Subserosal: One that grows on the outer wall of the womb
  • Intramural: One that grows in the middle part of the womb
  • Submucosal: The one that grows inside the layer of the womb

Why Does My Fibroid Grow Back After Surgery?

Because the surgery can only remove part of the fibroid and not all of it because it is attached to your uterus and if the doctor attempts to remove all of it, he will have to cut part of your uterus which will lead to serious consequences

Yes, you have tried so many fibroid treatment options even the so-called herbal remedies, but no results, now you are left with

  1. An empty bank account after spending so much
  2. Unbearable pains
  3. Abnormal or excessive blood flow during your menses and this has lead to Anemia, you are always weak
  4. You can’t conceive, even if you get pregnant, the fibroid will compete with your fetus for nutrients from the food you eat and in the end, if it is blocking your womb, you will need cesarean section to give birth
  5. You can’t enjoy sex and satisfy your husband

Are you on the verge of losing your marriage because of you not being able to give birth or are you losing your husband gradually because of lack of good sex?

Men need sex and don’t want it, that’s the way they are wired, that’s why it’s easy for a man to have sex with a woman they have no feelings for, to them, it’s just for fun, unlike women who see sex as a form of bonding with a man. The truth is if you do not give your husband good sex he might be tempted to look outside and with the type of ladies out there who don’t care about breaking marriages its a serious concern.

How to Get Rid of Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery?

The reality is that, most don’t understand the chemistry of fibroid and how to tackle it. First, you need to understand that it starts with the food you eat, every disease in the body is caused by highly acidic foods which eat up the cells of the body.

When you eat foods that are not meant for the body, your mucous membrane becomes compromised (breaks down) in your reproductive organ and it accumulates small fibroid tumors along the walls of the uterus.

So to start with, a complete adjustment of your diet is a must, diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline body

The 4 Step Fibroid Removal Process You Need to Understand

You have tried so many options, but no results, well that’s because all you have been trying are cleansing methods which are very OK, but there are processes before that which include

1. There needs to be an arrest of the growth of the cells that trigger the hormones to stop the fibroid from growing. If you do not do this, the more you try to shrink out the fibroid the more it will grow back sooner or later, so start by stopping the growth of the fibroid

2. Reprogram and balance your hormones, one of the main factors that contribute to the growth of fibroid are imbalanced hormones, so they need to be balanced to help the elimination of the fibroids. Doing this cuts off the supply and support of the tumors

3. Do a thorough Liver cleanse, The liver regulates the balance of sex hormones, thyroid, cortisol and adrenal, it removes any excess toxins from the body, if the liver cannot do this properly, it can cause emotional and hormonal imbalances which is a cause and maintainer of fibroid

4. Once all of the above has been sorted out, the fibroid won’t be able to survive so it will detach from the uterus, then you can use bitter herbs to shrink out the tumors

A Solution Better Than The Rest Based On Research

Based on the above principles, based on research and test we have come up with a simple 100% plant-based herbal support along with Fohow products which will support your body’s natural healing process to shrink out the fibroid naturally without surgery

The best thing about Plant-based herbal formulas is that apart from healing they also nourish the body. With HerbMaster’s 100% Plant Based Herbal Formula and Fohow products, you will experience

  1. A total stop to abnormal or excessive bleeding during your menses
  2. Detach the fibroid tumors from your uterus
  3. Shrink & remove the detached tumors

Apart from shrinking and removing the fibroid, it will also help you

  1. Correct and balance your hormones
  2. Boost your fertility level
  3. Correct menstrual disorders
  4. Alleviate menstrual cramps
  5. Remove urinary infections

You can shrink your fibroid naturally and enjoy perfect health at the same time using this herbal formula.

It is handmade and not commercially produced so availability is not guaranteed, so hurry while stock lasts.

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Fibroid Solution

We offer a Diet Plan & Herbal Formula to help you shrink your fibroid naturally. You will get the following

  1. A Diet Plan that will tell you what foods to eat and what not to eat, plus a recommended daily food plan
  2. Fohow Guifei Bao Female Vaginal Cleansing Insertion Pill
  3. Herbal Formula Powder which consists of herbs that will help
    • Stop your fibroid growth
    • Stop pelvic pains
    • Purify and build your blood
    • Shrink your fibroid tumors

Some of the herbs included in the herbal formula powder include

  • Red Clover
  • Shepherds Purse
  • Don Quai

Plus many more herbs each performing specific functions to help you shrink your fibroid


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What Women Are Saying

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Treat or Get Rid of Fibroid Naturally Without Surgery Now!!! 4

Fibroid tumors are cells and they feed on acidic foods like sugar, trans fat, confectionery, beverages, starchy foods. A good rule to follow is an 80/20 diet plan. Why so? well the organs in the stomach are not all alkaline, part of the digestive system needs to be acid to function properly

Eat More Eat Less Avoid
Fatty Acids Fish, Shellfish, Flaxseed, Hemp oil, Soya oil, Olive oil, Chia seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Leafy vegetables, and Walnuts. Red Meat Pork, Cow meat Eat Ram Meat and Goat Meat Instead Processed Foods Canned Foods, Canned Fruits, Corn Flakes, Sweets, Biscuits, Snacks like Meat Pie, Donuts etc.
Dietary Fiber Oats, Fruits like Pineapple, Apples, Bananas, Oranges, Vegetables like Green peas, ugwu, Cucumber, Lettuce Full Fat Dairy Always go for Low Fat Milk or Yogurt Alcohol Beer, Rum, Whisky, Brandy etc You can take wine occasionally
Proteins Lean meat (goat and ram), Eggs (yolk), Beans & Legumes (lentils, Chickpeas), Seeds and Nuts(flaxseed, hemp seed, chia seed, almond nuts, walnuts) Starchy Foods Garri, Fufu, Poundo Yam, Bread, Excess Palm Oil Based Soup or Stew Artificial Sweeteners Sugar, Aspartame, Candy, Jam & Jellies

Common Questions On Fibroid

What are the Signs of Fibroids Shrinking?

Signs of fibroid shrinking could be sharp acute pains around where you feel the fibroid, this usually means it is detaching from the walls of the uterus

Can Fibroid Kill?

Possible but rare, one reason for the likelihood of it killing is when the excessive abnormal bleeding gets out of hand and anemia level is very high

How Long do Fibroids Last?

Fibroids can last all through a woman’s life until after her menopause when it begins to shrink

Can Apple Cider Vinegar Shrink Fibroids?

Yes, it can assist due to it’s antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Apple cider vinegar also contains lots of vitamins, minerals and enzymes which helps with anti-inflammatory and this is good for fighting may diseases

Can Vitamin D Shrink Fibroids?

Not entirely on it’s own, but vitamin D is a very good supplement to use when treating fibroid

Are Eggs Bad for Fibroids?

Not really, the egg yolk is good, but not so much the white part. So eat more of the yolk

What Supplements are Good for Fibroids?

  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3
  • Calcium

What Tea is Good for Fibroid?

Green Tea is very good for fibroid because it contains an antioxidant called epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG)  which has been proven to help shrink fibroid

Can Exercise Help Shrink Fibroids?

Yes, if they are exercises that work on the stomach area like situps, push ups squatting etc

What Makes Fibroids Grow Fast?

  • Junk Food
  • Trans Fat Foods
  • Sugars
  • Highly Acidic Foods
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Infections

Is Coffee Bad for Fibroids?

Yes, coffee is bad for fibroids because it puts a strain on the liver and this makes it difficult for estrogen metabolism in the body. One of the main causes of fibroid is high level of estrogen

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