Marijuana Seeds Nevada

Marijuana Seeds Nevada

Are you planning to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors? You may be wondering which is best to produce. Growing cannabis is not a walk in the park for most beginners. There are thousands of marijuana strains that you will never get to see in this lifetime. The industry recognizes 800 of these strains, leaving the newbie with countless options from the species of sativa, indica, and ruderalis. We have a compilation of some of the best cannabis seeds in Las Vegas, NV, for a grower. The bottom line is that no Nevada marijuana seeds are better than the other. However, you will get a different euphoric effect and difficulty for growth with every new strain.

Best marijuana seeds in Nevada 


Tangerine marijuana is one of the Nevada cannabis seeds that will keep clients wanting more for an extended period. Consumers have an overwhelming passion for the smell because it has the sensory effect of a beachy cocktail with an orange tinge. Consumers love the growing marijuana in NV because the taste and smell match the sensory impact.

Tangerine is excellent for beginning users or an excitable atmosphere. It makes people sociable, awake, and creative while increasing communication and an elevated mood.

Tangerine is a sativa hybrid seed with an environmentally friendly tolerance. You can grow the weed indoors or outside in a warm and humid area with a manageable cultivation routine. It takes up to ten weeks to grow indoors and usually blooms to a full harvest in October when you grow it outside. The flowering side is on the shorter end than most strains; hence it is excellent for a quick harvest for sale in Fall or a relaxing indoor event needing a little excitement.

Jack Herer

The seed has a unique and outstanding flavor, among many other different strains. Jack Herer has a robust medicinal quality and is quick at delivering an elevated mood. The seed has both Indica, and Sativa strains in almost equal measure hence offer a justified spectrum of both effects.

It is easy to grow Jack Herer both indoors and outdoors. It is taller than most Marijuana seeds in Nevada and is highly resistant to bugs, diseases, pests, and molds. The hybrid seed usually needs a sunny and warm growing space and will be excellent at the window side of a room. Jack Herer needs little feeding to get all essential nutrients to produce large buds with thick stems.


The seed is one of the most potent marijuana strains with a higher sativa quotient of up to 70% and an Indica content of about 35%. It delivers a powerful cerebral effect due to the presence of 26% of THC.

Trainwreck got its name from its wild growing branches. It grows tall due to the dominant sativa content and has sparse branches and leaves. Trainwreck is perfect for the mildly experienced farmer who can take out the hermaphrodites fast to prevent problems in the yield.

Growers should be keen when looking for a marijuana seed to plant. A misstep in the process could cause significant loss. We have enough Marijuana seed varieties for you to pick one with a conducive growth. Talk to Weed Seeds USA on 1-844-807-1234 to get some of the best marijuana seeds to grow Nevada.


Marijuana Seeds Nevada

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