Step by Step Lowering of High Blood Pressure

how to lower high blood pressure at home

Today you are going to learn how to cure high blood pressure step by step

First you have to find the cause of your pressure, lots of people have high blood pressure and is severe, some have mercury poisoning, some stress, some people have trouble in the kidney, some have blocked arteries, some have trouble in the gland which contribute to hypertension

But lets look at how to fix it step by step

  • Severe hypertension is 180-200/110
  • Mild to moderate hypertension is 140-150/90

Once you have mild hypertension, your doctor put you on medication, but you should not be put on drugs at this level, diet will fix this type of hypertension than drugs do.

If you have severe hypertension and the cause cannot be determined, lets see how we fix this and come off your medication.

Once you embark on a program to help you get off your medication, you should go on a 3 day fast to clean the system and you start taking lots of coconut water during that 3 days to flush out your kidney.

You also take lots of purified water and you eat less sodium foods, for the 3 days you will only consume liquid and on the 4th day you start with your doctors medication.

If you are taking an inhibitor, or a beta blocker, or channel blocker, you will take them every other day, but you will be taking herbs for your heart and kidney and for circulation everyday and you are also taking your supplements everyday

Monday, you take your doctor’s medication, Tuesday you don’t take the medication, you take supplementation and your herbal blend

Wednesday, you take the herbal blend and supplements with your doctors medication, but you check your pressure everyday and you record it twice per day, in the morning and at night

Now, if your pressure reads 180/110, you have severe hypertension, but after a week of doing the in and out with the doctor medication, supplements and herbal blend, you want to see that your pressure start dropping to like 140/90 or 140/100. Now you will know its working

Once you see that when you are not taking your doctors medication your pressure stays normal, while taking supplements and herbal blend, then you skip 2 days of the doctors medication and after 2 days of not taking your medication.

When you see that your pressure is normal, you skip 3 days and again 4 days and 5 days but you keep on checking your pressure and keep skipping the medication and you remain on the supplements and herbal blend

The supplements would include

Coq10, you start at a 100mg per day and every week, you put another 100mg, until you get to 460mg. Coq10 takes 3 months to get to the heart muscle, so it must be taken for a while

Magnesium, 600mg everyday in liquid, gel or powder form not tablets

Taurine, 500mg a day on a empty stomach, half an hour before your meals

L-Carnithine, 500mg per day on an empty stomach

Buffer ph to buffer the system, to put the system back in an alkaline terrain because your heart functions in an alkaline system. While you are doing that, you keep checking your pressure.

Lots of people who have hypertension carry a digital machine, these machines give wrong readings, it’s best to use the analog one it gives a better reading. If you take your pressure on your right hand you will get a different reading than the left hand because its closer to the heart.

What we advice is, especially for women, if you think your high blood pressure is coming from your thyroid gland, lay down in the morning before you get out of bed, check your pressure laying down and if it reads 140/90 when you laying down and when you sit up you check it again it says 150/100 your thyroid gland is faulty and is causing troubles in your heart

Once you are taking the doctors medication every other day and you wean yourself off of this drug, you have to keep yourself healthy by eating foods that are good for your heart. Foods like

  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Green foods
  • Lots of alkaline foods

All this help to alkaline your blood and if you don’t alkaline your blood, the heart will suffer and if you keep on eating fries and greasy foods, and you getting older your arteries become very hard and you will have troubles in your heart one of which is high blood pressure

Plus you must keep the kidney healthy, you must have the kidney producing rein, which is the hormone that keeps your heart well, once you come off the doctor’s medication, you remain on the supplements and herbal blend for 1 month after which you stop the herbs and supplements except coq10 and magnesium.

After this, you are supposed to have your pressure normal forever. The medical system never informed you to fix hypertension, they only manage it.

Once you can find the cause of your pressure which could be from the kidney, adrenals, stress, mecury poisoning, chemicals from paints, all this contribute to high blood pressure, once you find the cause and start taking the supplements and herbal blend you can get off drugs by having discipline and using the foods that help your heart called heart healthy foods

Source: Master Herbalist Patrick Delves

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