Dangers of Bleaching The Skin & How To Lighten Skin Naturally

how to lighten skin naturally

This article is going to be on bleaching of the skin, Africans who are bleaching, it’s a phenomenon today. Here you will learn the detrimental effect of bleaching your skin long term, not now. Before we go to that, the skin largest organ of your body and the primary protector of your whole body

What the Skin Does

Your skin prevents infection and also prevents allergic shock if you keep it in balance and intact, blacks are beautiful, all race are beautiful, but black people are the most beautiful you don’t need to bleach your skin

Your skin protects you from light, microbes, temperature, it also produces good bacteria to keep harmful bad bacteria from destroying the layers of your skin because your skin has up to 3 layers. So the skin is significant

You will learn how to prevent yourself from using bleaching creams and how they use bleach to make banana ripe the next day which is detrimental to our health long term

In Africa, there are lots of skin bleaching products, the Europeans come over here to setup businesses selling these products by making Africans feel like they are inferior and in the process make millions in sales.

They are setting you up for cancer in the long run, they don’t use these products, they are proud of their color

How and Why Bleaching Cream Destroys the Skin

In the long run the bleaching creams damage the melanin in the skin which is responsible for its color, Hydroquine in most of these creams causes mental problems.

In the skin, melanin deals with the color of your skin, your hair and eyes. Your melanin produces an enzyme called Tyrosinase and you have to have enough vitamin C in your melanin cells in order for you to prevent skin cancer.

That’s why a lot of Caucasian people get skin cancer due to this lack of melanin

When you start using bleaching cream as a black person or an African, the chemicals get into your skin, long term, the chemicals start to damage the melanin cells and once the melanin cells and this leads to Vitiligo, melanoma skin cells.

The melanin cells is being destroyed because the chemicals in the bleaching products starts to destroy the enzymes that protects the melanin cells called Tyrosinase.

So long term when you keep bleaching on a regular basis you start to get skin cancer or suffer from Vitiligo, bad pigmentation also because you are destroying your melanin cells.

You also start to suffer mental problems long term, the people selling to you are not using it but are killing you long term by making you feel that you can be more superior with a different color.

No one is more superior than the other, God created all races and color to live together on this planet called earth

So if want to bleach that’s your choice, but love your color, don’t suffer from inferiority complex, be beautiful the way you are with the color that God gave you

Bleaching Bananas

Did you know that in order to make a banana ripe the next day, they take the bananas and they put some chlorax in water, they put the bananas in the water, they use some acids and some light on the banana and the next day the banana becomes supposedly ripe.

But the black spots on the banana will tell you that they bleached it, and the bleach gets into the banana skin and into the banana and when you eat it, the potassium is gone and you put yourself at the risk of getting cancer long term

Also once they start to bleach the bananas, when they get ripe, they get deformed, showing you they are bleached while still green, we need to be educated about these things, start subsistence farming in your backyard

How to Bleach your Skin Naturally

Let’s learn how to bleach the skin naturally without losing your melanin cells and the pigmentation God gave you. There are herbs you can use

Natural Skin Lightening Cream Recipe – Oil Blend

  • Tea tree oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Cocoa butter oil
  • Shea butter oil
  • Vitamin E oil

These oils combined help to keep the skin healthy and if you want to have good skin health, you must have good liver, kidney and bowel health because all these organs clean your blood, they filter it. You will use the oil on your skin and drink a few herbs as well like

  • Horsetail (has lots of silicon)
  • Cucumber (wonderful vegetable for the skin)
  • Celery
  • Dandelion root
  • Yellow dock root
  • Red Clover
  • Burdock
  • Figwort (in case there is boils on the skin)
  • Poke root
  • Red root
  • Red alder bark
  • Burdock seed

All help the skin, by working on the liver and lymphatic system to keep the melanin cells healthy plus tyrosine which is an amino acid that helps to produce your tyrosinase which is the enzyme that prevents the melanin cells from being destroyed so you don’t get vitilgo and melanoma cancer of the skin

Use these herbs and oil on a regular basis, stay away from the chemicals, stay away from bleaching your green bananas and you will have an healthy life to live long enough to give God all the praise and the glory because you are going back to nature


Source: Master Herbalist Patrick Delves

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