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Iboga CanadaAre you searching for authentic Iboga treatment in Canada? Take a journey with IbogaSoul and discover what Iboga can do for your health and wellness. Since its inception in 2014, IbogaSoul has been helping people reconnect with their inner selves- and they can help you as well!

There are many benefits to Iboga treatment. In Canada, it’s not easy to find Iboga that is authentic and traditional, using the true shamanistic ways that the Bwiti from Gabon, Africa still practice to this day. Mark, from IbogaSoul apprenticed with 10th generation Bwiti shaman, Moughenda Mikala on his journey to Gabon and went through the traditional initiation rites, now offering them to those in Canada looking for serious treatment.

Iboga offers many benefits, including the following:

– Powerful treatment for drug addiction. Drug addicts who self-treated with Ibogaine therapy, or, the Iboga Root, powdered and turned into pill form, experienced almost no desire whatsoever to continue using opiates. Studies are now becoming widespread, learning more and more about Ibogaine and how it can help addicts.

A single dose of Ibogaine causes the flood levels of noribogaine to stay elevated for an entire day. Studies are starting to show that this is the reason why Ibogaine works the way it does, as it is stored in the body’s fat and released slowly throughout the span of the day.

– Ibogaine as a powerful anti-depressant. Noribogaine, the main component in Ibogaine, elevates the concentrations of the brain’s serotonin levels. Opiate-dependent patients notice a catering off effect when starting to use Noribogaine, even in cases where patients abruptly stop using opiates. This tapering is most often self-tapering as patients want the opiates less and less.

– Research is extremely positive for Ibogaine being used for a wide range of other diseases as well, including Alzheimer’s, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Ibogaine and Norigogaine are considered controlled substances in the United States, making it difficult to obtain without a prescription from a doctor.

– Iboga treatment is also about finding yourself again, after you have lost your way.

At IbogaSoul, the purpose of embarking on a traditional Bwiti Iboga healing journey is to be guided by experts back to your complete self in a shamanistic way. Mark and Robyn, from IbogaSoul, believe everyone deserves to know the truth about who they are. They take their work seriously when it comes to treating every person who comes to IbogaSoul.

Iboga treatment at IbogaSoul in Canada is every bit as unique as you are, so treatment time varies from person to person. Iboga works with the human soul through psycho-spiritual sessions and there is no end to how deep you can plunge into yourself. During an 8 day session you will experience two Iboga ceremonies along with a spiritual shower that is native to the Bwiti tradition.

You can learn more about Iboga in Canada by contacting IbogaSoul at 604-388-SOUL. You can also visit the Website at IbogaSoul.com where you’ll find a wealth of information on what Iboga is and how you can take the first step on your Iboga journey. Iboga Canada

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