Outpatient Land O Lakes

Outpatient Land O Lakes

Like general hospital treatment services, rehabilitation programs are divided into two principal categories: the inpatient and outpatient treatment plans. Many still wrongly think of a hospital patient as someone in the ward, lying down immobilized in the hospital bed. Fitted with intravenous drip and droning hospital machines, as a team of nurses and doctors gather around them for months, even years, until the patient recovers from a grievous bodily injury or a terminal illness. Or in the case of a mentally ill patient, one that's constrained by chains in a mental infirmary.

What are Treatment Plans?

The above isn't usually the case. Not everybody who desires or needs medical attention has to stay in a hospital if the condition doesn't warrant it. The term admission describes patients who receive inpatient care. It's the nature or severity of each patient care that will determine his inpatient or outpatient status.

For instance, complaints such as flu, anxiety disorders, and other benign conditions generally won't require a person to stay in the hospital. This is known as outpatient care. More severe cases like accident and emergency, trauma, drug overdose or nervous breakdown, etc. that need urgent care and attention from healthcare workers will qualify as inpatient treatment. But some deceptively mild cases may require a person to be admitted even if they're not manifesting or battling life-threatening symptoms. E.g., a person struggling with chronic drug or substance abuse may need to enroll in a therapy or rehabilitation program to wean them from the drugs.

Are you looking for a substance abuse treatment near me or intensive outpatient treatment in Land O Lakes? Read on to find out how to choose the treatment format that's right for you.

Differences between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation program 

The greatest distinction between the two is the length of stay. A patient must understand the kind of treatment plan suitable for their case. This decision often determines the duration of their stay in the hospital and other implications, such as cost of treatment, lifestyle adjustments, medical supervision, treatment progression, etc.

A person admitted in an inpatient rehabilitation program is usually hospitalized at the facility where they're being examined, diagnosed, and treated for a period of one night at least. They're physically confined to the facility throughout their admission. They can then continue their rehabilitation program as an outpatient.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program?

An intensive outpatient rehabilitation program is similar to general outpatient treatment, as it doesn't require a person to stay in a rehab facility for long. However, this program addresses more severe issues that conventional treatment can't handle effectively, whether through an inpatient or outpatient plan. Issues such as chronic addiction issues, mental health crisis and physical therapy, and other dependencies that don't require detoxification or round-the-clock supervision often get treated in the Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program. If the patients have to undergo rigorous and constant supervision (especially severe mental disorders), it's advisable to seek a residential treatment plan.

What Treatment Format is ideal for you?

If you're resident in Florida and are battling clinical depression or addiction, the perfect course of action is to seek IOP Treatment Services in Land O Lakes. Apart from the professional treatment you enjoy, you ultimately get to meet and interact with others in the same shoes as you through group therapy. Researches have proven that group participation is as effective as individual therapy in treating addiction.

Do your college kid needs a top-of-the-line program, or do you need an Adult intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Land O Lakes, FL? Contact Spring Gardens Recovery at 866-244-9556 to verify your insurance or speak with an addiction treatment counselor.

Outpatient Land O Lakes
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