Home Frequency Generator Machine

Home Frequency Generator Machine

Benefits of a Home Frequency Generator Machine

  To help you live your best, healthiest, and most energetic life, Health Products 2 has created a home frequencies generator machine to help make sure your body is entirely in tune with the energies around it.

 What is a Home Frequency Generator?

The first study on bio-frequency was conducted in the 1800s by Claud Bernard. More recent and in-depth research has focused on the idea that the human body is designed to operate at a particular frequency. When certain things go wrong, they produce specific frequencies.

  These studies were carried even further by the Scientist Raymond Rife.  He invented the first modern-day frequency generator.  He found three common types of bio-feedback.  There is Thermal biofeedback, Electromyography, and NeuroFeedback.

Thermal Biofeedback works by measuring the surface temperature of the skin. Electromyography provides feedback on muscle tension. NeuroFeedback measure brain activity. These machines help obtain information about activity in the body.

Much like the opera singer and the wine glass. When the opera singer hits the right frequency the glass shatters, a rift machine works much in the same way.  The device targets the frequencies of harmful organisms.  The machine reaches the resonance frequencies of these organisms and kills or disables them.

A home frequency generator machine's purpose is to expose your body to these different frequencies slowly.  Throughout the day and night, Health Product 2’s home frequency generator will cycle through the known frequencies of harmful organisms, cells, etc.

Thankfully the natural human body has a frequency much different than of the harmful ones.  So there is no need to worry about our home frequency generator harming your bodies’ healthy cells.

What Frequencies does the human body have?

The healthy human body was found to have a frequency in the range of 62-78 MHz.  These depend precisely on what body part you are targeting as well.  A human brain operates around 68-89MHz where the heart has a lower frequency in the range of 60-68MHz.

If your body is suffering from different afflictions, these will affect your body's frequency as well. A common cold will lower your bodies frequency to 50-60 MHz.  The lower your body's frequency drops, the more your body becomes at risk of developing serious ailments. 

Different foods have different frequencies as well. This is a significant discovery as Low-frequency foods can make your immune system susceptible to ti disease

 Fresh foods and herbs have higher frequencies than dried ones. The most important foods to avoid however are processed or canned foods. These food groups are hazardous to your body’s natural rate.

 Processed or canned food has a natural frequency of zero! Ask any mathematician what a zero value does to an average.  Consumption of this food in high quantities can quickly lead to physical, emotional and mental distress in your body. 

A rift machine can help repair already damaged frequencies by reducing the harmful frequency load on your body.  So don’t hesitate and get ready to feel the difference a home frequency generator can make for you


Home Frequency Generator Machine
Home Frequency Generator Machine
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Home Frequency Generator Machine
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