Fohow International – The #1 TCM Healthcare Company

Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 1

The Fohow Group Co. Ltd is a large transnational corporation engaged in the research, production and sales of natural traditional Chinese medicine healthcare products with headquarters located in China

Fohow International has set up such functional departments as Marketing, R&D, Production, Operational Management, Finance etc. It has also established subsidiaries like

  • Fohow Healthcare Institute
  • Fohow Ecological Agriculture Co Ltd
  • Fohow Biological Engineering Co Ltd
  • Fohow Functional Textile Co Ltd

In February 2007, the Fohow Group officially launched into the international market. Till date Fohow International has expanded its business into over 80 countries and regions in Europe, Asia & Africa and has established over a thousand service network stations of subsidiaries and distributor partners at local level

Fohow International’s four categories of healthcare food supplements, healthcare instruments, functional textiles and personal care products have sent healthy tidings to billions of people

What Do You Want to Know?

What is the meaning of Fohow?

Fohow means Success, Happiness and Joy

Also to create the most successful healthcare venture in the world. This is the true meaning of Fohow and all Fohow business partner’s underlying principles and also the Fohow Group’s development vision

Living healthy and having long happy lives are the eternal pursuits of human society. There is no doubt that Fohow healthcare concepts, its product, and mission are here for the long term and have the scope of infinite development

Fohow is devoted to offering an international platform for its business partners, acknowledging the endeavor and responsibility of Fohow to fulfill their dreams. On this platform, everyone has the opportunity for rapid development, everyone can be much healthier and happier

As the Fohow Group heads towards its goal of being one of the worlds top 500 companies, it invites you to join in the effort to build the Fohow venture into the most successful healthcare undertaking in the world, to enable more people to be healthy and successful because of your efforts and to create a brilliant life together

Fohow International Website

Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 2 is the official website for the Fohow Group and is solely a portal for Fohow distributors to login to their backend to view their performance and points accumulated. Fohow has decided not to dabble into the online space in order to allow its business partners build individual websites to grow their business under the Fohow brand

Compensation & Marketing Plan

There are lots of ways to make money in dollars doing Fohow business, they include

  • Retail profit
  • Personal purchase bonus
  • Cycling bonus
  • Matching bonus
  • Global leadership bonus
  • 1 Diamond director earning
  • 3 Diamond director earning
  • 5 Diamond director earning
  • 7 Diamond director earning
  • Special bonus fund
  • Travel award
  • Car award
  • Yacht award
  • House fund/award
  • Fohow global ambassador bonus
Note: We do advise potential members to pick the Fohow kit as part of their products to be selected. The kit contains all the information like product explanations, marketing plan, flyers, DVD, health card and many other items that can make you successful doing the business. With your newly acquired registration kit you have automatically made a purchase of 30pv and it cover the registration for that category.

Business Advantages

  • No monthly autoship or repurchase
  • No target
  • Highly effective and curative herbal products
  • Simple binary system that involves you introducing just two active people
  • Earnings or bonuses paid on a weekly basis
  • Allowance of creating multiple registrations to increase your earning potentials
  • Travel, Car, Yacht, Housing opportunities
  • Regular promos to increase earning chances
  • No risk business involvement
  • Transferable business
  • Start small and grow it big
  • International business owner privilege
  • No monthly removal of PV

But to make money with Fohow, you must become a qualified member. In other words, you must have purchased products worth at least 300pv in value. Only until then can you become a qualified member who is eligible to start earning

How to Develop your Business in 4 steps

1. Product Use. The idea of Fohow is to have everyone use their products and in the process experience the powerful effects and potentials it has on their health.

2. Sharing of Experience. Using Fohow over time will give you the confidence you need to share with others about the wonderful effects and possibilities. So get out there, give your testimonies and share free samples to your friends to get their attention. Fohow products sell themselves, they just need to be introduced out there

3. Share Business Opportunity. Once you start sharing your testimonies and free samples with people, they will be more interested if you offer them the business side of Fohow. At this point, you can start telling them about how to register, the rewards and benefits they stand to gain etc

4. Replication. To make money you have to create systems that are replicable or duplicable, another good term is scalable, meaning it can be grown or developed further. How do you achieve this? By teaching and empowering others like yourself and getting them from where they are to where to are.

In this business, nobody works for anybody other than just building teams because if you want to go fast you can go alone, but if you want to go far, go with others. Here you determine how far you want to go and earning is unlimited.

What if you want to go at your own pace is that possible? Absolutely, you can purchase gradually until you get to 300PV, there are no deadlines or time frames you need to beat, etc

How to Build your Business with Fohow

First, introduce two active people into the business, register one person on your left side and the other on your right side. These two people introduced by you can come under any category of the business they like, the most important thing for you as their upline is to teach them how to be successful by registering their own two people in the left and right side and also to duplicate the system.

Always emphasize to your downlines that it is only when they introduce their own two people and then teach them how to get their own two people to get two people that the business grows into earning potentials of millions monthly or quarterly

Note: You do not have to wait until you get 300PV before joining, you can start with the initial 30PV registration and later upgrade to 300PV, 360PV, or 480PV. You just need to buy the product that makes up the difference between 30PV and the amount of PV you are aiming for.

For example, to move up to 300PV from 30PV, you just need to buy 270PV worth of products

How to Become a Member in 4 Simple Ways

  • Registration with 30PV – Purchase of N9,000 or more
  • Registration with 300PV – Purchase of N90,000 or more
  • Registration with 360PV – Purchase of N110,000 and above
  • Registration with 480PV – Purchase of N150,000 or more

To summarise, you can either become a Fohow member by registering any of the following

  • 30PV
  • 300PV
  • 360PV
  • 480PV

How to Earn Millions with FOHOW Promo Deals

If you invest N7,500,000 you will be given the following benefits

Item Worth
Free Products N4,500,000
Your Products N7,500,000
Cash Back N3,500,000
5″ Smart Phone 1
Free round trip to China, Russia or Dubai or Cash Equivalent N960,000
43″ TV 3

Emerald Director position and privileges

Note: You do not have to take possession of all the products all at once because of expiry date issues, you can pick them bit by bit when you need them

Product Price List

Product Price
Guifei Bao Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 3 N11,400
Aloe Vera Gel Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 4 N6,500
Cordyceps Toothpaste Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 5 N5,000
Danshen Sativa Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 6 N3,500
Bio Induction Neck Guard Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 7 N50,000
Bio Induction Kneepad Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 8 N205,200
Waist Protector Belt Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 9 N205,200
Dredging Paste Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 10 N6,000
Fohow Oral Liquid Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 11 N14,000
Sanitary Pad Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 12 N7,500
Sanbao Oral Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 13 N16,000
Sanqing Oral Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 14 N21,000
Rose Oligose Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 15 N6,000
Six Flavour Tea Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 16 N7,500
Ares Longlu Capsule Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 17 N6,000
Garlic Soft Gel Oil Capsule Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 18 N3,500
Ganoderma Luciduim Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 19 N14,000
Meridian Massager Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 20 N270,000
Eye Paster Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 21 N6.000
Eye Massager Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 22 N25,000
Blood Cleanser Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 23 N29,700
Shower Gel Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 24 N6,500
Seaweed Calcium Fohow International - The #1 TCM Healthcare Company 25 N13,700


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