Does Bitter Leaf Help Sexually? The Simple Truth

Does bitter leaf help sexually is a question asked by most men who have just recently discovered this wonderful leaf which is available in abundance

Bitter leaf botanically known as Vernonia Amygdalina contains alkaloid extracts that have been proven to help men sexually in dealing with Erectile Dysfunction or impotence

Does Bitter Leaf Help Sexually? The Simple Truth 1

In this brief guide, we are going to look at


Why Bitter Leaf Helps Sexually for both Men & Women

For Women:

Bitter leaf contains a compound that has been proven to help develop and regulate the female reproductive system for proper functioning

Also, bitter leaf helps balance hormones, aids the detoxification of immunoglobulin that helps you regulate and balance the most important female sex hormone called Estrogen

Finally, bitter leaf is very effective in nourishing the uterus to prepare it for pregnancy because it contains chemical compounds like edotides

For Men:

Bitter leaf is rich in anti-cancer properties like andrographolide, a compound scientifically proven to help treat prostate cancer which helps improve men’s overall sexual performance

Bitter leaf works as an aphrodisiac because it has sexual activity enhancing potential due to the prescence of phytochemical compounds like sterols, phenols, alkaloids, amino acids, and saponins

How do this phytochemical help men perform better?

These components are responsible for boosting sexual performance by regulating neurotransmitters and relaxing the corpora cavernosa smooth muscles to allow more blood flow to your pelvic area just like Viagra

This makes bitter leaf a powerful remedy for Erectile Dysfunction

How to use Bitter Leaf for Sexual Enhancement

You can use bitter leaf in combination with moringa leaf for manpower. Bitter leaf will help reduce your sugar levels, strengthen your back and body while moringa will boost your libido and give you strong hard erections

A combination of both will give you a strong back, high sex drive with a hard erection that lasts long


  • Moringa leaf powder
  • Bitter leaf
  • A bowl of water

How to prepare

  1. Put a handful of bitter leaf in the bowl of water and squeeze till the water turns green
  2. After squeezing for about 3-5 mins, pour the liquid into a cup
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of moringa powder and stir very well then drink

How to take it?

  • Take half a cup once daily to build up your sexual energy and to deal with any sexual disorders
  • You can also take 30-45 mins before sex

In Conclusion: Bitter leaf is one of the most common medicinal plants available to all with lots of benefits for the body both for men, women, and children

It is also very useful in sexual related issues

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